What Makes Great Social Media Content?

by | Jan 8, 2023


Social media marketing has become one of the biggest, most cost effective, and most popular ways to increase brand awareness, brand recognition and sales in recent times.  Many companies have pulled away from traditional media and put more focus and budget on targeting their customers through social media platforms.


But Why?


There are many reasons, but the main ones that trump traditional media are that it’s cheaper, consistent, measurable, and more cleverly targeted.  Plus, it’s free! But, once you have taken the plunge to using social media for your marketing, how do you know what the best way to use it is and how to get the best results?

Here at Your Marketing Sidekick, we work very closely with small business owners to help them get what they want from their social media platforms. We take time to work on their brand positioning, we put together a social media content strategy, and we work towards their goals. These goals could be to raise brand awareness, increase sales, or reach new customers – every small business owner has a different goal depending on the type of business they run and where they are in their business journey.

One of the key things we always tell small business owners is the importance of their “brand voice”. With social media, personality is key. You need to come across as a real person – authentic and relatable – this is what helps to sway those purchasing decisions.

Just like your company website, your social media platforms have become your shop window.  Visiting your business page on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Linkedin could be the first contact that a person has with your business so it could make or break their relationship with you.  You need to make a good impression and keep them coming back for more!


Mix Up Your Content


If you keep posting the same social media content, you are at risk of becoming wallpaper.  Followers will know what to expect and may expect to not be that interested.  The key to any marketing is being fresh, surprising people, impressing people.  Think about your audience and how you want them to react when they see your posts.  Wouldn’t you want to make them smile?  Or think “wow”, or laugh or, more importantly, want to share the content?  If they share it, it’s because they see something they think their friends would like so some of your content should not be product related.  Here are 7 types of content that you could include:


1. Images


The first thing they see as they scroll through a feed is the image so make it “pop” out of the feed.  Think about people seeing your image and stopping scrolling to read the caption.  If you use your own pictures you need to make sure the quality is good.  Edit it, make it bright and clear.  If you want to use stock images there are plenty of good ones to use. You could even create something bespoke using a graphic design tool such as Canva or Photoshop.  Add words, frames, graphics, but don’t overdo it.  Keep it tasteful, keep it simple. Analyse what your competitors do but don’t copy them.




You’ve no doubt heard this before but video is King! Videos make Facebook, Google and everyone related to them, like Instagram and YouTube, happy.  The algorithms in Facebook and Google like video so they give it priority billing.  The beauty of smartphones means we are all budding film directors and cameramen now, so it has never been easier to make a video.  But be careful not to add video for the sake of it.  Make it relevant.  Cut good clips together and add trending music.

Using Facebook and Instagram reels is a great way of attracting new followers as, unlike regular posts, they go out to a wider audience than just your followers.  If you feel brave enough, you can also try live videos and stream to your customers.  That way you can answer questions about the topic you are speaking about as they post them and really engage in a personal and immediate way.  This would only work if the stream was interesting for your customers though, so always try and think through their minds and not your own.




Stories on Facebook and Instagram are a great way of connecting with like-minded users who could benefit your business.  If you have suppliers and they make good content with great images, share it on your stories.  Not only will the images look good and show off your products well, but it will also go down well with your suppliers!  You can also share other relatable, or non-relatable content, funny content, nice quotes, industry info and of course your own content.  Share your own posts on stories if you want more traction, or if you have video or pics that you don’t want as a post you can post as stories, and they will disappear after 24 hours.


4.Blogs, Articles, Written Posts


This is an opportunity for you to show off how much you know about your business.  You are the expert after all. Most people have a passion for what they do, especially if it is your own business, so show people and tell them things they don’t already know.  If it’s a blog on your website, you can do a social post to link people straight there and, when they get there, they are ready to learn and potentially buy.  There is a lot of content out there, however, so make yours stand out.  Make sure you include lots of keywords that relate to your business and try and put a different angle on your work than other people’s views.


5.Testimonials and Reviews


Nothing helps a person get on board with another company like real reviews or testimonials.  These days, when booking a holiday, new restaurant, hotel, or buying from an unknown company, many of us are sensible enough to have a quick look at their reviews and this can be the big decider in whether we take the plunge.  Many of us will have been stung by not doing this in recent years so it’s important, as a successful company who delivers on expectations, to shout about the reviews you have had.  Ask all your customers for reviews and now and again, put a good one on an eye-catching template and post it, and then share in your stories.  Be proud of the service you have given.


6.Interactive Content


People love nothing more than to interact with content they enjoy.  Taking this a step on from just seeing if they like or comment, you can add polls, questions, competitions, or surveys.  Social media itself has shown that people love giving their opinions so give them a reason to.  Ask them to answer something in the comments, add a poll to a reel or story, give them a chance to win something.  That way they are more likely to share your content on their posts or stories and so on, a great way to grow followers and get more interaction.


7.Celebration Dates


Showing that you are in touch with what’s going on in the wider world is a good way of being in touch with your audience and how they think.  If it’s the first of December, talk about Christmas shopping, if it’s National Hello Day, make a friendly post saying Hello!  You can find lists of nationally and internationally marked days for free online, so, if it is relevant to your business, schedule a few in.  It’s topical, relatable and can be fun and a good way to draw people in.  It helps to keep your content fresh too.  Around the obvious ones like Christmas, the digital world will be swamped so try and make your image stand out.  If nothing else though, your customers will like being wished a Merry Christmas!


The key takeaway for any social media content is to always think of the end user. This image, video, caption – would my ideal customer like this? Would it stop them from scrolling? Does it solve a need for them?


Often larger companies have a marketing team or at least a marketing person, but most smaller businesses don’t. Small business owners are often spinning many different plates – trying to keep on top of marketing as well as everything else. And if not done properly, it can prove fruitless.


Marketing your business is essential, it’s what tells people that your business exists and drives new people to it. Done properly, social media marketing can be key to the success and future of every business.


If you need some support with your social media content, we’re here to help. Your Marketing Sidekick are a professional and creative marketing consultancy helping small business heroes like you to thrive! All with added sparkle and a smile.

We work with small business owners like you to completely manage your social media channels, or, host a “Power up your social media” session giving you all the top tips and advice for you to become an expert in managing your social media yourself. Want to find out more, get in touch for a FREE consultation.


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